About Us 
Phi Sigma Rho was founded in 1984 by Abby McDonald and Rashmi Khana at Purdue University. Abby and Rashmi were unable to participate in traditional sorority recruitment due to the demands of their engineering program, so they decided to start their own sorority instead. The Alpha chapter was founded with ten members.

Since its birth, Phi Sigma Rho has grown to become a distinguished social sorority for women studying engineering and science. With thirty chapters from coast to coast, Phi Rho continues to inspire, empower, and cultivate women into becoming well-rounded leaders that know no bounds. Phi Sigma Rho’s core values of friendship, scholarship, and encouragement have enabled its members to create unforgettable memories and lifelong bonds of sisterhood. Phi Sigma Rho is a family that provides unwavering support, creates opportunities, elicits involvement, and inspires individualism. It is an organization that prides itself in producing women of moral integrity, academic excellence, and professionalism.
History of Phi Sigma Rho
Our Mission
Phi Sigma Rho is a social sorority for women in technical studies serving our sisters and the community by promoting the following: high standards of personal integrity, respect, and character, lifelong bonds of sisterhood, and academic and professional excellence with a social balance through shared experiences, common bonds, and recognition of service and achievement.

Our Objectives
To foster and provide the broadening experience of sorority living with its social and moral challenges and responsibilities for the individual and the chapter.
To develop the highest standard of personal integrity and character.
To promote academic excellence and support personal achievement, while providing a social balance.
To aid the individual in the transition from academic to the professional community.
To maintain sorority involvement with the alma mater and the community through responsible participation.
To maintain the bond of sisterhood with alumnae members through communication, consultation, and participation in Sorority functions.

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